Amibio - Automatic acoustic Monitoring and Inventorying of BIOdiversity

The AMIBIO project aims to construct and deploy autonomous multi sensor monitoring stations and to automatically analyze their transmitted measurements for long-term monitoring of biodiversity activity trends in the region of Hymettus. The project will deploy a prototype hardware system in a mid to low forest canopy and other relevant habitats, such as semi-open scrublands and around wetlands that will gather and transmit recordings of audio and environmental variables to a central station.

Acoustic monitoring stations, which are non-intrusive and cost-effective compared to human expeditions, will be set up for systematic seasonal and longitudinal long-term environmental monitoring that will allow the automatic inventory and examination of the biological diversity of a region. The monitoring stations are small (< 0.5 m3) and powered by solar panels. Their function is to record audio and climate data and to transmit these measurements to a distant central station for automatic statistical analysis. The central station will perform all signal processing tasks and carries out the acoustic survey of a designated area.