Association for Protection and Development of Hymettus (SPAY)

ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROTECTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF HYMETTUS (MOUNTAIN)The ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROTECTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF HYMETTUS (MOUNTAIN) – SPAY is an association of the 15 municipalities that surround the mountain Hymettus of 81.000.000 sqm area.

The scope of the association is to take action in protecting the mountain forest from fire and other dangers and to coordinate similar actions from the municipalities-members. Also to coordinate the actions of the volunteer organizations in the event of fire in assistance to the fire brigade.

Major part of the association activities is the reforestation of the burned areas and the irrigation of the newly plants.
Since the equilibrium of trees and animals living in the mountain is vital for the survival of the forest, the project is giving the opportunity to study the animal life on the mountain, in order to assist as to the measures to be taking for the protection of the forest.

The association staff consists of seven members plus external associates employed according to the specific need and has project experience in handling EC projects, Life 525, MEDSPA 91.

Name Role
Basilis Nomikos SPAY AMIBIO coordinator
Vicky Dimitriou SPAY AMIBIO Forest Engineer


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