Technological Educational Institute of Crete (TEIC)

Technological Educational Institute of Crete (TEIC) The Technological Educational Institute of Crete (TEIC) is a higher education and research organization, founded in 1983 by the Hellenic Ministry of Education. The TEI of Crete is a thriving academic community with an expert faculty of 350 members, over 300 administrative and technical staff and approximately 12000 students. The TEI of Crete strives for excellence in world-class research, thus strengthening the role of Crete as a research pole in the South-Eastern Mediterranean.

The TEI of Crete has a strong, long-standing record in applied and technological research. The research activities cover a broad spectrum across the fields of Computer, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Energy and Environmental Technology, Laser and Optoelectronics, Nonlinear Optics and Plasma Technology. The Technological Educational Institute of Crete - Education and Research Committee (ELKE) that has recently been established to promote the excellence in technological research also fully supports all the managerial and accounting aspects of research projects. Research is supported by a wide range of funding bodies, including the Greek Government, the European Union and Industrial sources. The TEI of Crete has established strong collaborative research links with a large number of European and international Universities, research institutes and industrial companies.

TEIC has a proven research record in the area of Bioacoustic Signal Processing, Single Channel Source Separation, Sound Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Acoustic Surveillance Applications.

Scientific coordinator for TEIC:
Dr. Potamitis Ilyas
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Music Technology & Acoustics
Technological Educational Institute of Crete
E.Daskalaki Perivolia Rethymno Crete, 74100, Greece
e-mail: potamitis @ staff.teicrete . gr

Name Role
Ilyas Potamitis AmiBio Research & Technical Development (RTD) Activities
Stavros Ntalampiras AMIBIO Engineer
Sofia Boubouridou AMIBIO Administrative Officer
Tsenka Stoyanova Expert in Wireless Sensor Networks
Petros Petrakis  
Xaris Manifavas  
Xrisoula Aleksandraki  
Spyros Kouzoupis  


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