Partners & Sponsors

AmiBio partners & sponsors

 1 COSMOTE, Greece
Cosmote supports the wireless transmission of the AmiBio data, from the automatic monitoring stations to the UOP central station through its 3G mobile network.
 2 National Center for Scientific Research DEMOKRITOS, Greece
AmiBio project and ACEPT-AIR project, coordinated by DEMOKRITOS, have started a close collaboration to exploit the potential of using AmiBio infrastructure to install/collect data from the ACEPT-AIR sensors. In this context, an AmiBio monitoring station has been installed at DEMOKRITOS premises, where also one of the AmiBio target micro-sites is located. DEMOKRITOS was a co-organizer of the Greek AmiBio Infoday, organized in Athens on the 18th of May, 2012 and hosted at the DEMOKRITOS Conference Center.
 3 Leibniz Biodiversity Network, Germany
Sponsor of the AmiBio workshop


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