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AmiBio Action E.3 Report - Deployment and field trials of the integrated system

The present report explains in detail how the action E.3 tasks were organised and performed, discuss the issues that were found and report the results of each task.

AmiBio Action E.1 Report - Project Presentation

The AmiBio “Project Presentation” report has the scope to underline the objective, methodology, main activities and outcomes of the project during its lifetime.

Layman's Report - Greek

AmiBio Layman's Report in Greek Language

Layman's Report - English

AmiBio Layman's Report in English Language

AmiBio Action D.8 Report - After Life Communication Plan

The AmiBio “Afer LIFE Communication Plan” has the scope to underline the main activities that will be carried out by the project beneficiaries after the official project end in...

AmiBio Action A.9 Report - Executive summary

Action A.9 System Integration and in-lab trials (report)

AmiBio Action A.6 Report - Executive summary

Action A.6 - Development of wireless sensor network - architecture and communication protocols

AmiBio Action A.2 - Biodiversity Assessment report

AmiBio Biodiversity Assessment Report: biological inventories at Hymettus Mountain

AmiBio Action A.5 Report - Executive summary

Action A.5 Development of data acquisition module for the sensor nodes

AmiBio Action A.4 Report - Executive summary

Action A.4 Overall design of the autonomous surveillance framework

AmiBio Action A.7 Report - Executive summary

Action A.7 - Development of the software framework for data collection

AmiBio Action A.3 Report - Executive summary

Action A.3 Requirements analysis and specification of technology design aspects

AMIBIO A.8 Executive summary

Action A.8 : Development of data repository and appropriate database management tools

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